Customer satisfaction: The Foundation of Sports Marketing

Did you know that the foundation of successful sports marketing isn’t just about recruiting new members? Member retention is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Prioritize customer satisfaction, as enthusiastic members stay with your club and spread the word.

Enthusiastic members are invaluable: they are your best marketing tool. Using customer satisfaction surveys through the Net Promoter Score, we help you uncover what makes your members happy, ensuring they remain members and bring friends along.

The fitness sector is ideal for customer satisfaction research. Together, we reveal what members truly think. This insight is translated into concrete action points for an improved customer experience. The result is higher member retention, lower churn, and more leads. Measuring the Net Promoter Score provides crucial insights into your members’ loyalty.

Make sure members join with enthusiasm and stay enthusiastic, regardless of how long they’ve been members. Enthusiastic members are the best ambassadors for your club.

Reduce Cancellations and Increase

Customer Satisfaction

A 5% Improvement in Retention Increases Profitability by 25-125%

Member recruitment through sports marketing, automated member administration, and sports apps are well-developed and widely available. Unfortunately, many fitness centers still experience high member attrition, with 30 to 50% of all memberships lasting only one year. There is little visibility into customer experiences, and customer excellence is still in its infancy in the fitness sector. However, professionalism is on the rise, driven by several industry trailblazers.

Customer satisfaction surveys using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) help you gain deep insights into employee loyalty, customer loyalty, and areas for improvement.

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